Fiery Graphics!

If anyone is impressed (or even just interested), by the swirly graphic images I use in some of my banners, then I’d recommend you head over to and take a look at the Fyre fractal program. It allows you to generate an almost infinite range of random graphics. This is free software, and I think it’s Linux and Windows capable – I’m running Linux, and it works great here.

Take a look at their banner page and you’ll get a quick idea of what it’s capable of.

Tally Light Update

I’ve been doing some work for the Perth Linux user group – PLUG for their AV project. I’ve added a Tally Light page to document the process of how I designed them – please take a look and let me know what you think. The article is here: Tally Light.

The whole project is going to be run as an open source effort, so I’ll be publishing the circuit design, all the AVR source code, and any supporting scripts we need.