Welcome to Jirda .

Jirda is a Noongar word meaning birds. We chose the word as the ability of birds to organise into a well coordinated flock and navigate accurately to a remote destination evokes the spirit of what we are trying to achieve with our service.

Jirda uses the power of Facebook to enable groups, teams, clubs and families to coordinate activities in the real world. Jirda allows groups of people to track each other on a map, and to share messages using Facebook.

Jirda uses Openstreet Maps to provide accurate up to the minute street maps, we are also partnering locally with high quality satellite providers to offer downloadable offline cached satellite maps.

Privacy is important, Jirda uses Facebook to authenticate you, so we don’t need to keep any data about you. For a more comprehensive explanation of our privacy policy, please take a look at this page: Jirda Privacy Statement



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